Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Visualising student forum discussions - a temporal web

It has been a long time between postings. However, today I would like to make people aware of the outcomes of the project we have been involved in for some time. Today the TLC has released an open source version of the Bushgrapher software that allows you to visualise conversations in a forum (e.g., a Moodle Forum).

The Bushgrapher block provides a means of visualising the interactions between student postings in a forum. The Bushgraph produced allows a teacher or researcher to visualise student interactions as a temporal web of interactions between individuals engaged in discussion on a forum. The current release version is for internal research use within an institution only and not recommended for research that needs to ensure high levels of student privacy.

More details about the software may be found HERE.


Dean said...

I just tried to download you BushGrapher software from the page you link to here and it came back with 'page not found'



David M Kennedy said...

Please try again. The link should work now.